Short and Long Lets

Holiday Lets can be from 2 days to 28 days to fit in with changeovers but we can also cater for longer lets if need be.

Many holiday homes will entertain up to  six month, assured short hold tenancy or fixed term tenancy over the winter months usually starting in September and carrying through till Easter or beyond.

In the past we have helped film makers, actors and entertainers find accommodation for short periods of time too but there may be other reasons for requiring accommodation:

1.  If you are an employer looking to hire contractors for building/maintenance work.

2.  A school looking for supply teachers or teachers relocating to this area

3.  Doctors/Dentists, nurses, services seeking accommodation for temporary staff or relocating

4.  Accommodation for seasonal workers

5.  Families looking to hire a holiday home for a period of time to use as they wish throughout the summer.

6.  Local companies who have outsourced staff from elsewhere in the UK and abroad to carry out specific work for their business.


Rentals can be negotiated so please disregard the weekly holiday prices.  A returnable breakage deposit is required which is registered with a Tenancy Deposit Scheme and we may ask for references.  



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