British Summer Time Ends…

As an exceptionally busy season closes we are now taking a breath which finds us able to post our very first blog.

There goes another summer, blistering hot weather which most of us appreciated by having a “staycation”. Most would agree that an hour or two driving to our beautiful Norfolk Coastline is one well spent given the alternative of wasting most of the first and last day of any vacation abroad spent at an airport. Once you arrive at your exotic destination and send a bragging text to your nearest and dearest at home telling them the temperature you receive one back confirming it is hotter here in the UK!!

So, with hopes of many hot Summers to come in the UK why not get the best deals and the best properties now by booking one of our unique holiday homes. The team at Norfolk Holiday Homes has over 100 years combined experience in the tourism and leisure industry and all three of us (Sandra, Julie and Carol) are able to discuss in finer detail each of our individually owned properties (yes, we have visited each one of them). So, leave nothing to chance, call and discuss your requirements we can help you to select the right accommodation for your personal needs.

2018 SBR winter sea

View across the Beach from our popular 'Sunset Beach Retreat' which sits right on the sand at Heacham with magnificent panoramic views of the 'Wash'.  A perfect seaside retreat for families or couples.



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