Making a Booking:

1. Norfolk Holiday Homes Ltd (the 'Agents' – NHH) act only as booking Agents for the 'Owners' (the 'Owners' including their Representatives) of the holiday accommodation. The contract is therefore between the Owner and the guest (you) (the ‘Hirer’). This includes all people named on the booking form. The Hirer must be at least 18 years of age at the time of booking. 
2. The Hirer is responsible for making all payments to NHH. All other members of the party must agree to the Hirer making the booking in accordance with the Booking Conditions.
3. The booking is the Hirer’s responsibility: all financial payments are finalised, listing names of the adults and names and ages of all persons under 18 years of age on the booking form, ensuring that all members of the party are safe at all times, ensuring that all Booking Conditions are adhered to by all members of the party at all times.
4. All applications for reservations of the holiday accommodation must be made on the form provided in the holiday brochure printed by NHH or online via NHH’s website.
5. All applications must be accompanied by a deposit as outlined in the brochure or stated on the online application. This is usually approximately one third of the total rental cost.
6. A booking fee of £35 (inc. VAT) must also be paid with the deposit. 
7. In certain exceptions, some bookings will be referred to the Owners before acceptance. A binding contract between the Hirer and the Owner shall be entered into upon NHH issuing the written confirmation acknowledgement. 
8. Receipt and banking of monies does not constitute a confirmed booking.
9. Credit/debit card payments made by telephone constitute agreement to abide by the Booking Conditions. A telephone or online reservation made without payment does not constitute a confirmed booking.
10. All payments made shall be made to NHH address on the booking form, by telephone or via the website's secure online booking system. Signing the booking form or making a booking online certifies that the applicant is over 18 years of age and confirms that the property will be used in accordance with holiday purposes.
11. As soon as we are able to confirm the application the Hirer will receive written confirmation of payment which constitutes a binding contract between the Owner and the Hirer. Please check all these details to ensure they are correct. If you are booking flights, ferry crossings, taxi, train or bus journeys, etc, please do not do so until you receive written confirmation from NHH.
12. If you wish all correspondence to be sent by post please let NNH know otherwise it will be sent by email. Please check your emails regularly. 
13. If any application for holiday accommodation cannot be confirmed within 14 days of receipt, the Hirer will be notified as soon as possible. If another property is not acceptable then all monies paid will be refunded in full. The Owner nor NHH shall be liable for any other losses or expenses howsoever caused.
14. It is a condition of booking and we strongly advise taking out comprehensive travel insurance to cover possible cancellation costs and your stay at the holiday accommodation. If you choose not to then you accept responsibility for any loss that you may incur due to your cancellation. The Hirer must inform NHH of the Insurer and Policy Number. NHH will not check these for suitability but will rely on this being the responsibility of the Hirer. Claims for insurance are to be made directly with the Insurers, not NHH. The NHH will however provide proof of cancellation to the insurers upon request as appropriate.
15. Bookings within two days of a holiday commencement may not be tenable due to the holiday accommodation not being readily available at such short notice. Please telephone to receive confirmation of availability. 
16. If a provisional reservation is made online or via telephone the Hirer has five (5) working days to pay the requested deposit. If this is not forthcoming after the five (5) working days then the accommodation will be released and therefore become available for booking. NHH will assume that the booking is no longer required and will not contact the Hirer to check.
17. The website states the maximum number of persons each property accommodates. These numbers must not be exceeded. If this condition is not complied with, NHH may immediately upon discovering such breach, terminate the Hirer’s licence to use the accommodation and the Hirer shall immediately vacate the holiday accommodation and all monies paid by the Hirer shall be forfeited to NHH. The Hirer shall further be liable to pay NHH on demand all costs and expenses arising from the failure by the Hirer to comply with this condition, including damages.
18. The Hirer shall keep the accommodation and all the furniture, fittings and effects in or on the premises in the same state of repair and condition as at the commencement of the holiday and shall leave the accommodation in the same state of cleanliness and general order in which it was found. Any defects or wants of repair must be reported to NHH or as per the instructions outlined inside the property. The Hirer shall be responsible for all damage relating to the furniture, fittings and effects of the property and the Owners will make claims for repair/replacement thereof. Damages will be deducted from the breakage deposit and if the damage is in excess of this, breakage deposit will be retained and an invoice sent for the extra cost of repair or replacement.
19. After the initial confirmation of the holiday and deposit payment, no reminders will be sent for the balance. See Balance Payments.
20. If the Hirer makes a booking with another company (ie;, AirBnB etc), the company will contact NHH. If a breakage deposit is required, the Hirer will pay NHH the requested amount. The arrival and departure details will be issued direct from NHH approximately 5-7 days prior to the holiday date either by email or post.

Arrival and Departures:

Arrival time is after 4pm. Please depart promptly on or before 10am on the morning of your vacation ensuring keys are returned to the correct place as outlined in your correspondence.

Balance Payment: 

1. The balance of the hiring charge is payable forty five (45) days before the commencement of the holiday. Bookings received within this time period must be paid for in full including the returnable breakage deposit, dog charges, and any other extras stated in the accommodation details. If the Hirer was sent confirmation by email, there is an online secure link to click and pay the balance.
2. If a balance is not paid within seven (7) working days of its due date, then for every day overdue, £10.00 will be added to the balance for administration costs. If a payment has not been made after seven (7) days then the holiday will be re-offered and the holiday cancelled with all monies retained. The Hirer will be notified of the action to be taken by email, phone and post.
3. Payments may be made over the telephone, online or if you are visiting the area, in NHH office. Cheques by post, and credit/debit card payments are acceptable as is a bank transfer.
4. The balance due date is stated on the confirmation details. No reminders will be sent.
5. A total of three interim payments may be made on the rental due. If the Hirer wishes to make more than three then an administration charge of £10 +VAT will be added each time.


1. All rental hire figures are for the property per week and not per person. Charges for short breaks and weekends are for the property.
2. Rental figures are deemed to be correct at time of print or online however, there may be changes and mistakes may happen where the costs may seem incorrect. The Hirer will be informed of the error and will be responsible for the correct rental when informed.
3. There may be times when discounts are available so please refer to the accommodation details or ask when booking. These discounts may be for short notice availability, availability at certain times of the year (seasonal), returning guests, early booking. More details available on website or in brochure.
4. Most properties have a returnable breakage deposit of £100 (there may be some with £150 or £200). This sum will be added to the confirmation and due with the balance payment. During Hunstanton Tennis Tournament week, this sum will be increased to £200 (please check when booking). Bookings of more than one week will be charged an additional £50 breakage deposit. This payment will be refunded within 7 days after a holiday all being well. If the cleaner/owner reports a problem, guests will be informed and charged accordingly. Please note that the refund will automatically be made on to the card which paid the balance. If this card will be out of date after your stay, then please inform us.

Change of Booking:

1. If details of the booking party members change then the Hirer must notify NHH immediately.
2. If the Hirer wishes to alter dates, cancel or transfer to another property within seven working days of the booking being confirmed there will be an administration fee of £50 + VAT and NHH will do their best to make the changes.
3. If the Hirer wishes to make any date changes for the property after seven (7) working days or after confirmation has been issued by NHH, NHH will do their best to make the changes. There will be an administration fee of £50. Notice by telephone must be confirmed by email or post immediately. Some Owners will treat a change of dates as a cancellation therefore the Hirer will still be responsible for payment of the original dates if they are not rebooked. Adequate time up until the date of the transferred holiday must be given by the Hirer to allow the chance of a replacement booking being achieved. Sometimes NHH cannot guarantee that the change can be made. If the change of dates involves an increase in the rental then the Hirer will be responsible for the difference in the payment. If the change of dates involves a decrease in price then it will be the Owner’s decision as to whether or not to allow the reduced charge or to retain the original booking price.
4. Moving to a different property constitutes a cancellation and the Hirer will be liable for the original rental as well as the new booking, unless the original holiday can be rebooked. Adequate time up until the date of the transferred holiday must be given by the Hirer to allow the chance of a replacement booking being achieved. The holiday could be re-booked by the Hirer to a friend/family member – all information to be passed over to them by the Hirer and NHH to be informed of the details of the new ‘Hirer’.

Cancellations by the Hirer: 

1. The Hirer must inform the NHH immediately by phone and then in writing of any cancellation for whatever reason within 24 hours. The administration/cancellation fee is £50 + VAT. If just the deposit has been paid, this deposit will only be refunded if the property is re-booked for the dates of the holiday and the cancellation/administration fee charged. If the property is re-booked and both deposit and balance have been paid, then these will both be refunded and the cancellation/administration fee charged. If the deposit has just been paid, and the holiday has not been re-booked, the balance is still payable by the Hirer as outlined below according to how much notice has been given. The administration/cancellation fee is still payable. The deposit will not be returned.
2. If the Hirer has taken out Insurance cover, the conditions in 'Change of Booking ‘3’ still apply and the Hirer must make application for cancellation through their Insurers. The Insurers will then refund all rental monies which were paid to NHH, direct to the Hirer. This will not include cancellation fees, booking fee, insurance premium or other extra costs. If a balance has been paid including the returnable breakage deposit, then the returnable breakage deposit will be returned.
3. In the event of the Hirer cutting short their stay whilst in the property no refunds will be given.
4. In the event of one or more persons not coming to the property who were on the booking form, no refunds will be given. The cost is for the whole of the property and not per person. NHH must be informed of any replacement member’s names and ages.

Number of days before holiday start date

Hirer to pay

43 days or more 30% of balance
42 days or less 100% of balance

Cancellations by the Owner or due to other circumstances:

1. No changes should be expected to happen but sometimes unforeseen problems or issues arise which are beyond control. If the Owner is prevented from making the property available as per the booking due to unforeseen circumstances beyond their control, i.e.; death, illness, theft, fire, flood, squatters, financial difficulties, damage to the property, the Agents will make every effort to find alternative property from their portfolio but if this is not possible a refund will be made immediately for deposit, balance, booking fee, and other charges outlined on the booking confirmation which the Hirer has paid. The Hirer will be informed of the situation as soon as possible. The Owner or NHH will have no legal liability or responsibility to the Hirer and no claims will be made by the Hirer or their representative against them.
2. NHH and the Owner are not responsible for any matter outside their control, i.e.: damage, injury, strike or disputes, delays, or loss, in connection with the holiday arising directly or indirectly from mechanical or electrical breakdown, inclement weather, flood, fire, temporary invasion of pests or other Acts of God (not including Rulings of Local or Central Government, contagious or pandemic diseases – see clause ‘3’), war, farming or building activities, nuisance caused on neighbouring properties, nor for the Owner withdrawing the property due to bankruptcy/insolvency . NHH will transfer holidays to alternative dates and/or properties should such incidents arise - the Hirer will be asked to transfer to another date on the same property either later in the year or within 12 months of the date of the original booking dates. The Hirer will be liable for a higher rental if the transfer is more than the original booking. If the cancellation relates to an individual property and its owner then this will be reviewed on an individual basis. The Owner or NHH will have no legal liability or responsibility to the Hirer and no claims will be made by the Hirer or their representative against them.

Items left behind: 

Any items left behind at a property will incur at least a £5.00 (inc VAT) charge for being collected, plus postage costs.  Payment will be deducted from the breakage deposit or made in advance before we pack and return any item.  If the Hirer does not report missing belongings, then they will remain in our store for two months before being passed over to a Charity Shop or to the local recycling centre. Only in exceptional circumstances if the items are deemed vital to the Hirer (ie; medications, etc) then NHH will contact the Hirer immediately.     

Special Requests, Disabilities, Medical Issues and Dialysis:

Many people have conditions which may affect their holiday stay so if you have any queries about medical issues, size of rooms or gardens, etc which may affect your stay in the garden or property, please inform NHH as soon as possible.  Any special medication requirements i.e.: oxygen etc, can be arranged via your own surgery/hospital and then they may contact us to arrange delivery. District nurses or specialist teams can be arranged via your surgery/hospital too.  Wheelchairs, mobile scooters and other mobility aids can be hired locally too. There is a Dialysis Centre in Dersingham and Wells where you can make arrangements to suit your holiday. Please contact NHH and they can give you more information.


Pets are only permitted in the properties where stated.  They are not permitted on furniture, beds, soft furnishings etc. and the Hirer must ensure that measures are taken to clean up gardens for health and hygiene reasons.  A charge will be deducted from the breakage deposit if this rule is not followed.  Pets must have their own bedding/cage, etc. and not be left in a property alone or in the garden unattended. Wherever possible a property will state if the garden is enclosed or not.  This does not mean that the garden or boundaries are totally enclosed and pet proof.  The owners nor NHH accept any liability or legal responsibility for checking the property or for any allergic or adverse health reaction. NHH advise that if the Hirer has any pet allergy, then they book a property which does not allow pets whatsoever.  There may be properties, where the owners bring their own pets but do not allow guests to bring them so please be aware of this when booking too.  The charge for each pet is £30 (inc. VAT) per week.  NHH will use their discretion on the amount of pets permitted but the limit is usually just one.  Some property details may specify.  Please contact NHH for more information on charges if necessary. Whilst the owner and NHH do their best to ensure that no pets have stayed in a ‘no pet’ property, we cannot guarantee that a Hirer has declared having a pet.


Smoking and vaping are not permitted in any property.  If you do smoke outside a property then please remove all ash and cigarette ends before you vacate.

Hot Tubs:

Hot tubs and swimming pools are not permitted to be hired in any of our holiday homes.

Other Information:

● The Hirer shall occupy the holiday accommodation and have the use of the furniture and effects therein as a licensee for a holiday for themselves and their personal guests as detailed in the booking form for the period booked commencing at 4.00pm on the day of arrival until 10.00am on the day of departure unless alternative arrangements have been made and confirmed by NHH. The Hirer must ensure that the property is vacated and the keys returned to NHH or as outlined in the final confirmation letter, no later than 10.00am on the day of the termination of the holiday unless alternative arrangements have been made and confirmed by NHH in writing. If the holiday accommodation is not vacated and the keys returned in accordance with these conditions, the Owner or his representative shall have the right to enter the premises, remove the Hirer’ s belongings and prepare the accommodation for the next Hirer. If a ‘safe key’ which has been forwarded to the Hirer for access arrangements has not been returned to NHH’s office, then the Hirer will be liable for replacement keys at a cost of £10.00 + VAT each. This charge also applies to house keys if they are lost.
● The Owner is responsible for ensuring that the property is available to the Hirer for the duration of the holiday, i.e.: ensuring that it is in a fit, reasonable, and acceptable state for the occupation but the Owner is not responsible for any defect of which they or NHH were not aware. Any equipment/appliance used in the property is entirely at the Hirer’s own risk. Barbeques are to be cleaned down ready by Hirer’s and gardens clear of cigarette ends and dog excrement for the next Hirer’s use or a charge of £20 will be made and deducted from the breakage deposit without further reference. The Hirer is responsible for the control of children, pets and all persons in their party in order to protect them from injury. The Owner and NHH accept no liability or legal responsibility for injury where the Hirer has not taken due care and attention in gardens, grounds and property.
● The Hirer shall occupy the booked accommodation and use it subject to the terms and conditions as outlined herein and within the property as outlined by the Owners. The accommodation is solely to be enjoyed by the Hirer for the purposes of a holiday and not for parties, not to sub-let part or all of the property to anyone outside the names on the booking form, not to be used for any illegal or commercial purpose, not to behave in an anti-social manner or act in a disruptive manner, breach the peace or disrupt or disturb the surrounding area of the property, etc. The Owner and NHH reserve the right to terminate the holiday should such situations arise.
● The Hirer and their booking party must be aware that in most locations they are situated in an area where there are other people, holiday makers or residential. Therefore please be considerate and ensure that there is no excess noise between the hours of 10pm and 8am and if children are playing ball games they are to be careful of the close vicinity and safety of others in the surrounding area. The Owner and NHH reserve the right to terminate the holiday should such inconsiderate behaviour be continuous.
● Where there is a telephone in the property the Hirer is responsible for all telephone calls/charges made during their stay, leaving a reasonable and honest amount in the honesty box left by the owners. Where there is an excess amount of calls by hirers, the Owners reserve the right to charge accordingly the amount which will be deducted by invoice after your holiday.
● The refuse collections in this area vary and can be very problematic both to residents and holiday units. NHH and the Owners kindly ask that all rules and instructions regarding waste disposal and recycling are adhered to very strictly especially on Public Bank Holidays. Most properties have a breakage deposit and if rubbish is not disposed of correctly, then the breakage deposit will be forfeited to the Owners or Agents as they will have to sift Hirer’s rubbish at the disposal/recycling tip personally. Please follow all refuse instructions which you will find in each property.
● Should the Hirer experience any problems during their stay, they must be reported to the Owner/Caretaker/NHH as soon as possible who will try their best to rectify matters. Problems need to be reported immediately, so if necessary any reparation can be made so current guests can enjoy their holiday without any breakdowns in services etc. and the incoming guests can arrive without any ongoing issues unless such problems cannot be rectified immediately. All guests, current and incoming will be kept up to date with the repairs etc. if necessary. Do not leave any damage reports or problems to the end of your stay or even after you have vacated. We regret that any correspondence relating to complaints, received after the termination of the holiday cannot be entertained. NHH acts as agent for the owner and cannot accept any legal liability or responsibility for any issues that occur due to a complaint and will use their best judgement to rectify matters on behalf of the owners. Please be aware that maintenance engineers have schedules and therefore unless particularly urgent they will do their best to arrange reparation etc. as soon as possible.
● Please understand that although internet is advertised as available at certain properties, or you have paid for access there may be times when connectivity is unavailable due to circumstances beyond NHH or the Owners’ control. NHH nor Owner are responsible. No compensation will be issued. Please be aware that where the internet is provided to guests it is on the understanding that it is used for general browsing/retrieving emails, etc and any excessive usage for streaming films and games, etc, will be payable to the Owner. Most Owners will keeping control over such usage and will therefore report back to the NHH. Internet users must understand that as the service is provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP), they accept the Terms and Conditions of that ISP.
● The Hirer will allow the Owner, his representative, NHH or workman into the property at any reasonable time to make repairs, replace items, or make inspection and if the Hirer cannot be contacted in the case of emergency, the Hirer agrees to allow access in order for problems to be rectified immediately. Certain problems may require attention in the interest of health, safety and hygiene.
● The Hirer is responsible for the safety of all children and adults within their party. Safety gates, electric sockets, table corners and cupboards are not normally covered and protected so parents/carers are responsible for ensuring that children are aware and taught any dangers. Safety also extends to the garden and surrounding area of the property. Small children must be supervised at all times and parents/carers to be aware of plants/shrubs/trees in gardens that they may pick/eat. The Owner and NHH will not accept any liability or legal responsibility for any accidents/negligence which may occur. If a property has a swimming pool then a form for completion and agreement to comply with the owners safe pool rules will be issued to the Hirer to sign and return.
● All vehicles are parked at the Hirer’s own risk at all of the properties. The Owner and NHH will not accept any liability or legal responsibility for any accidents/negligence which may occur.

Under no circumstances are electric vehicles to be charged at any of our holiday homes.  Insurance will not cover external appliances in holiday homes and windows/doors etc must not be left open and the property unattended. Any guest found in breach of this will have their breakage deposit reduced by £50 or receive an invoice for direct payment.

● Where loss or damage arises from breach of contract, negligence, and misrepresentation or otherwise, neither NHH or its employees or Owners will be under any liability to the Hirer or to third parties for any loss or damage howsoever arising subject to any statutory entitlement to the contrary.

● All monies received by the Hirer except insurance premiums, booking fees and commissions are held in an account on behalf of the Owner and passed over to them as per NHH contract with them. Other monies are paid over to the relevant parties as per NHH agreement with them also.
● All the information and statements contained online are made in good faith and NHH use their best endeavours to check as far as possible all the information given to Hirers. NHH shall not however, in any event be liable for any damage or loss resulting from any information or statements made whether orally or in writing. The information contained online is believed to be accurate at the time of going to press. However, NHH reserve the right to make alterations if necessary and will inform the Hirer as soon as possible.
● Notice is hereby given by Norfolk Holiday Homes who are duly authorised by the owner to apply for possession of the holiday accommodation under Ground 3 or Part 1 of Schedule 2 of the Housing Act 1988 at any time after determination of any licence to occupy the holiday accommodation.
● Upon completing a booking online, over the telephone or completing and posting the booking form the Hirer accepts these Booking Conditions and Privacy Policy.
● Guest information and data will not be shared, passed on or sold to third parties. All payment/bank data is destroyed and cannot be accessed through our booking system.

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All rentals are inclusive of VAT at the current HMRC rate.




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